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Unsure if you have scoliosis or kyphosis? You can book for a comprehensive 30mins screening with one of our physiotherapists. Regular scoliosis screening is crucial to catch the condition in its early stages. It's particularly important for children and adolescents who are at a higher risk, including those in the midst of growth spurts or with a family history of scoliosis.


Screening Process

Scoliosis screening is a straightforward, non-invasive process that involves a simple physical examination of the spine. It often includes the following steps:


  1. Visual Inspection: you will be asked to stand straight in front of a posture grid. We will observe for any signs of scoliosis, such as uneven shoulders, a prominent shoulder blade, or an uneven waist.

  2. Adams Forward Bend Test: This involves bending forward at the waist, with arms hanging and palms touching. From this position, we can visualise any abnormal curvature or rotation of the spine.

  3. Use of a Scoliometer: A scoliometer, an instrument used to measure the angle of trunk rotation, may also be used. If an abnormal rotation is observed, we will refer you for an X-ray. 



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