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Hello there!


My name is Alex and let me tell you a little about my journey. 

Scoliosis has been a part of my life since the age of 12… I was a regular teen but with an irregular spinal curve. My scoliosis progressively increased throughout my teenage years and resulted in extensive back surgery in 2013 to fuse and straighten my spine.


Back then, there were limited conservative treatment options for scoliosis. The experience was tough, but it ignited a passion in me. I was determined to change things, inspire young teens navigating similar journeys, and change the way scoliosis is managed in Australia. So, I took a leap of faith and embarked in a path to become a physiotherapist. I completed my studies at Bond University and completed my first Schroth certification in Spain and then spent time living and working in Vancouver as part of the founding ScoliClinic team.


In 2019, my dream became a reality. I opened Curv (formerly known as The Scoliosis Collective) - a space dedicated to spinal physiotherapy, scoliosis, and postural health. My vision is to create a place where anyone dealing with scoliosis can find all the support they need under one roof, from physio to bracing, even psychological services. After all, scoliosis isn't just a physical journey, it's an emotional one too.

At Curv Studio, we're more than just therapists. We are educators, advocates, and companions on your journey towards better posture and spinal health. We believe in pushing for prevention, in making people aware that their posture matters, in spreading knowledge about scoliosis. Each day, I feel grateful for the chance to inspire and guide others, using my own journey as a springboard. I see myself in every young teen who walks through our doors, and I want them to know that they are not alone.

So, whether you're here to start your journey towards better spinal health or just to learn a little more about scoliosis, I want to say - Welcome! You've found a friend and ally in me and the entire Curv Studio team.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

〰️ Alex

Our Studio

Located on the sunny Gold Coast, our studio is a refreshing change from the typical clinical environment.

The heart of our studio is our physio gym, featuring an array of wall ladders where our patients engage in targeted back exercises under physio supervision. Adjacent to the gym are two private consultation rooms, offering privacy during your one-on-one sessions with our therapists. Here at Curv, we have blended functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring an environment that mirrors our commitment to your journey towards healthier posture and a stronger spine.



Southport Central Tower 3
Suite 30104 (level 1), 9 Lawson St
Southport, QLD 4215


Opening Hours


Tuesday-Friday - 9am-7pm

Saturday - 8am-3pm

Sunday/Monday - Closed

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