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Our Approach 

We are not a regular physio clinic, we are specialised in spinal conditions and postural health. For your initial assessment with us you do not need a referral. At Curv, we believe in understanding you and your needs holistically.
Our journey towards your spinal health starts with an in-depth initial assessment.



Let's Meet! 

Getting to Know You- our first appointment is all about you and we want to hear your story.  We’ll ask you questions about your back, your medical history, exercise routine, lifestyle and any symptoms you may be experiencing. We want to hear your goals for coming to see us and answer all your questions


Physical Examination

The second step involves a physical examination of your back, looking at range of motion, flexibility, conducting scoliosis-specific tests, taking posture photos and more! This helps us grasp the current state of your spinal health.


Education + Plan of Care

We’ll discuss our findings and spend time educating you on your condition. We explain in depth what scoliosis/kyphosis is, what happens in the spine, how it progresses and what are evidence based recommendations. 

We then recommend a treatment plan, including the number of follow-up sessions we think you'll need. Our goal is to set a clear pathway forward towards long-term back health. We genuinely care about you and your well-being.


Let's get you moving! 

Your treatment will likely involve weekly physio sessions, generally spread over six to eight weeks. During these sessions, we'll:

  • Start one-on-one with learning about your unique spinal curve

  • Share strategies to manage pain

  • Educate you on changes in your daily life like sleeping positions, how to sit correctly, movements to avoid and much more!

  • Begin with posture exercises, gradually moving on to Schroth exercises - uniquely tailored to your spine

  • Include other relevant exercises such as core and upper body strengthening, aimed at your specific goals and symptoms

  • Offer manual therapy as needed to assist with your exercises and symptoms

  • If Schroth was prescribed as a treatment option, we’ve found it generally takes 8 weekly sessions to complete your first program. We believe in empowering you and teach you these exercises so you can do them at home, fostering autonomy. 


Join our Group Classes!

As you become more confident and proficient with your exercises, we encourage you to join our group classes. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet others who are on a similar journey and build a support network. You’ll be able to practice your scoliosis exercises in the physio-led classes. 

Can’t make it to the studio? You can also move into our online exercise classes


Periodic Follow Ups

Finally, we recommend periodic follow-ups for a healthy spine for life. These will involve reassessing your posture and taking new measurements at intervals discussed with your physio. This ensures we monitor your progress and make adjustments as necessary. 

- At Curv we believe that-

A Healthy Spine = Happy Mind


Southport Central Tower 3
Suite 30104 (level 1), 9 Lawson St
Southport, QLD 4215


Opening Hours


Tuesday-Friday - 9am-7pm

Saturday - 8am-3pm

Sunday/Monday - Closed

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