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Massage Therapy

At CURV Physio, we believe in a holistic approach to spinal health, and that's where our Massage Therapy comes into play. Our massages aren't just your typical relaxation sessions; they're carefully tailored treatments designed to address various back conditions. Using an array of techniques including cupping and dry needling, our therapists work to alleviate tension, stimulate healing, and improve blood flow to your muscles. This not only provides relief for your symptoms, but also prepares your body to perform physiotherapy exercises more effectively.



How can our Massage Therapy help?

Our massage therapy sessions are designed to relieve the aches, strains, and stresses that spinal conditions can impose on your body. By using precise techniques, our therapists work to ease muscle tension and promote relaxation, which in turn can help you perform Schroth Method exercises more effectively.

Our massage therapists collaborate with our Schroth-certified Physiotherapists to provide curve-specific massage treatments. Each client’s X-Ray images and clinical notes from the Physiotherapist are taken into account when planning the massage sessions.

Initially, we recommend regular massage sessions to kickstart your journey towards better spinal health. After a period of focused therapy, tune-up sessions can be scheduled to maintain the improvements achieved.

Book your Massage Therapy session today!

Whether you're battling a persistent back condition or simply in need of a tune-up, our team at Curv will look after you... and your spine will thank you for it!


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